Door Finger Protector® company mission has its roots in ethical design to provide excellence in both products and services.

“For moral, legal and financial reasons adults are duty bound to ensure the safety of children”

Stephen Webb, parent, designer and consultant to the British Design Council invented Door Finger Protector® in 1995 as a result of two traumatic door finger trapping accidents suffered by his daughter Emma. With nothing on the market to stop further accidents he invested everything to design and manufacture a viable solution. He is passionate about adequate child safety and not just content that Door Finger Protector® has set the safety standards. He has developed three suitable door risk assessment safety standards based upon legislation. These standards also exclude use of devices that could cause serious injury to any innocent yet mischievous person who may play with such a device.

“Inadequate solutions, derisory risk assessment and insufficient safety maintenance, fails at the victim’s expense. Allowing the vulnerable to suffer inadvertent, avoidable accidents is inexcusable” Stephen Webb 2009.

Door Finger Protector® and Finger Protector® are Trademarks as well as the benchmark for door finger safety systems manufactured in the UK and distributed Worldwide by Safety Assured Accident Prevention.

The company manufactures and supplies a unique comprehensive range of door safety solutions along with expert advice to private, commercial enquiries. Parents, carers, childminders, schools, government authorities, institutions corporations have all benefited from our product, service or both over the past fourteen years. From Harrods to Hertfordshire County Council, from Taylor Woodrow to Tesco, from Lancaster University to Mrs Lambert the childminder we have given everything from some friendly advice to full Service over many years.

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