"As simple as fitting a light bulb"
McDonalds Restaurants

"So unobtrusive it's almost invisible"
TGI Fridays Restaurants

"With knowledge of what's available on the market, the quality of Door Finger Protector® meets what people expect of Tesco"
Tesco Stores

"I applaud the ingenuity and simplicity of this product"
Nick Raynsford
Under Secretary of State

"I have seen the horror of a pupil's finger amputated by the hinge side of a classroom door. This new device would no doubt have saved the loss of the childs finger."
Rod Hall,
Head teacher
Kenningtons Primary school

"In our business, children's safety is of paramount concern. Door Finger Protector® is a seemingly simple device, available in many configurations, which shield little fingers from the dangers of door hinges. We were impressed with Safety Assured's comprehensive risk assessment and fast, efficient fitting service. We are now much more confident that our play area meets the highest safety standards."
Paul McDermott, Director
Runamock Play and Party Centre

"I commend your initiative and agree that, despite all our good intentions, there is a real need for your specialist risk assessment and necessity to maintain standards on an annual basis."
NPL Emes
Hacton Primary School

"I feel the new Careplan initiative gives us the best risk assessment and maintains standards without hassle. Your Careplan programme is a great innovation which should appeal to Headteachers, Governors and LEA's nationwide. I would like to add that having used your product for many years I am impressed with its longevity and importantly the peace of mind it provides us for the safety of our children."
Colin Arthey
Head teacher
Corbets Tey School

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