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Our Specialist combined Risk Assessment/installation service comes with an option to attain Door Safety Standard Certification carried out by NEBOSH (National Examination Board of Safety and Health) and Safety Assured qualified technicians. We are happy to work directly with the client, as a partner, or sub-contractor, or as a product supplier to:

Maintenance Companies
Local Councils
Risk Managers
Health & Safety Advisors

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Informed professionals chose to specify
Door Finger Protector® as the safe choice. Door finger shielding is a complex area that requires adequate:
1) assessment
2) shield choice
3) installation
4) maintenance of safety standards

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Failure at any of these four stages can lead to an otherwise avoidable accident. We are the experts offering affordability, best value and above all best able to provide peace of mind.
DIY installation must be carried out by a competent person. Incorrect installation compromises effectiveness, safety and longevity. E.g. correct installation of Door Finger Protector® has been seen to give 100% safety benefits in excess of fourteen years at TGI Friday's Restaurants.
Survey/installation is clean, tidy, no noise and does not disrupt your daily routine. All staff are also CRB certified and carry identification.

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