Risk Assessment

Beware of unqualified third party risk assessment normally offered free of charge. These will normally be offered by suppliers of cosmetic devices. You may even be a Health and Safety advisor but non specialist risk assessment, shield choice, shield location or maintenance is known to eliminate an avoidable accident. Competent Risk Assessment, installation of safety vetted shields and long term maintenance is a minefield for those ultimately responsible for Health safety and Welfare Unless you are assessing a self harming patient area, not every door will need shielding. Doors can be lethal, just gentle movement can cause horrific damage to fingers. Only a competent (ideally experienced in door safety) person should carry out the assessment. Once door risks have been correctly identified there are five important questions.
1) What is safe and best value to install?
2) Is my chosen device versatile enough to do what is needed?
3) Do I have a competent and willing person to install my chosen device
4) Have I truly met my duty of care?
5) How do I maintain the door safety standard to avoid accidents and liability?

Click here to see an example. One of these schools made 1% error in maintaining standards, the other had several accidents before committing to have the whole site brought to the safety assured standard with Door Finger Protector® Both had good intentions but lacked expertise to avoid accidents and liability. Both are now covered by the Safety Assured CarePlanT for expert annual risk assessment and standards maintenance. And this has the added benefit of being decision free, hassle free and accident free!

Alternatively ask us to get one of our certified door safety technicians to contact you. There are considerable savings to be made if Door Finger Protector® is fitted during the risk assessment. The combination is cost effective, often with complete certified installation in the same day without disruption.

Just one inadequately assessed shielded door in a school is known to cause serious injury. In this case a child received serious injury as a result of 1% risk of injury caused by 'change of use' that was not risk assessed. This was a failed duty of care that could have been avoided. 'The Safety Assured Door Safety Standard' is a compliance standard achievable with Door Finger Protector® They are qualified Health and Safety advisors who specialise in supplying some or all of your needs. Installations come with door safety standard certification at no extra cost with an option of a lifetime warranty CarePlanT as an annual option.

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