Schools and Nurseries

Is it fair to expect an unqualified non specialist member of staff or governor to assess and install door safety that could leave a child in your care at risk? Your Health and Safety Policy should reflect legislation. Only a competent person (company) should carry out the risk assessment and installation.. Many LEA Health & Safety Advisors, Head Teachers, Governors, Bursars, Site Managers, Architects and Contractors over the years have chosen to specify Door Finger Protector® as their safe choice. Why? Because doors and finger shielding is a complex area that requires adequate;
1) Assessment
2) Shield choice
3) Installation
4) Safety standards maintenance.
Failure at any of these four stages can lead to an otherwise avoidable accident. We are the experts offering affordability, best value and above all best able to provide peace of mind. Send us the Site Plan/Fire plan and we will risk assess exactly what you need and where. This assessment can act as your guide and allow you to allocate a budget for Liability Free safety that works.

Professional Service

Our Specialist combined Risk Assessment/installation service comes with an option to attain Door Safety Standard Certification carried out by NEBOSH (National Examination Board of Safety and Health) and Safety Assured qualified technicians. We are happy to work directly with the, client, as a partner, sub-contractor on a product supplier basis only. Survey/installation is clean, tidy, no noise and does not disrupt your daily routine. All engineers are also CRB checked and carry identification. Get in touch and let us provide you with a quote - click here or call +44 (0) 870 060 1719. Warranty details click here.

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