Door Finger Protector® Hinge Cavity Shield

This system is supplied in 1985mm lengths to suite average door heights and can be cut-down to fit others. These are available in a choice of colours, white, grey, beech or mahogany that add to it's already unobtrusive design.



A single shield will on average suit nine out of ten doors. However the unique modular design allows the shield to be piggy-back extended for largest of door thickness with massive spans to 180° openings. The system allows the shield free vertical movement which is essential when fitted to a door with rising butt hinges.

The system is suitable for timber framed doors with a non-standard variable available to fit bi-fold, PVCu, steel, glass and other non standard doors safely. This product does not use screws which makes it safe to be used on fire doors because the door's integrity and operation is not affected, making this uniquely suitable to comply with building regulations.

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