Ten Year Warranty covers manufacturing material defect; in addition to UK statutory one year guarantee providing the following complaints procedure is followed.
The complaints procedure requires the customer to make contact prior to removal of the product, stating the nature of complaint in detail, evidence of when and where the product was purchased, and who it was installed by.

Please send initial photographic evidence of any alleged defect to:
or post to
Door Finger Protector® Customer Care,

Home Farm Estate,
Essex RM14 3RD
T: 0870 060 1722
F: 0870 060 1723

Warranty is void if reasonable time and opportunity is not given to the manufacturer (agreed in writing) to investigate and examine product on site (before its removal) from the door. Written agreement will also be required for removal and sending to the above address for tests. Should a material fault be found replacement product will be supplied.

Care-Plan Lifetime warranty is a full service hassle free option to achieve and maintain Safety Assured Door Safety Standard Certification for life that can be insured for just a penny per day. Terms and Conditions apply. Careplan provides an annual risk assessment survey, 5% upgrade of material including labour by qualified door safety experts who will issue further annual certification based upon your continued safety compliance. Any required elements outside the scheme would be quoted for prior to customer approval on annual survey. The Careplan Warranty is an annual service for any commercial authority environment with vulnerable persons to ensure safety standards and legal requirements are maintained.

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